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Friday, 8 April 2011

Jo Spence

Jo Spence makes a very interesting comment about whatever she is about to photograph isn't actually what is going to happen to her.


'It is only the tip of the iceberg because of censorship and self-censorship'.

 I have been conscious through this project of just touching on the outer edges of the problem of PND. This has been for a number of reasons. Firstly the whole taboo aspect of the  condition has made it difficult to get people to talk about  their problems because of a feeling of shame, and also the fact that I am trying to illustrate a condition that I personally have not experienced.
Jo Spence documents her own journey through breast cancer and treatment. She had a desire to represent what was happening to herself and to others by using her camera. Ultimately she wanted to make this experience, the physical and emotional visible to others.
Jo became involved with Rosy Martin and the pair worked on Photo therapy. Jo  often recorded her observations of what was happening to her and around her, and found this very therapeutic. It allowed 
her to feel more involved and in  control as she shows her growing dissatisfaction with conventionally medicine and the NHS. The photographs she has taken are brutally honest and it takes a huge amount of courage to take such photographs, but due to this her photographs are enormously successful. Normally we take photographs of ourselves and edit them down to represent us in the best of lights or to fit into some group that we would like to think of ourselves being part of. H

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