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Monday, 8 November 2010

Projection thoughts

Gustav Klimt
With the next stage of my project I'd like to project images onto a background behind my sitters.These images are going to portray what we consider to be the 'norm' as far as bonding is concerned. I'm using traditional old master paintings in a way of emphasising  the age old expectations. I had initially wondered about a collage of parents snapshots but I imagine copywrite would be an issue.
I am envisaging quite a few difficulties with the lighting so I'll just see how it goes.The idea is to film the subject sitting emotionless with the images flashing behind.

Hirsch(1997) Family photos tend to be constructed with a screen made up of dominant mythologies and conceptions ; nevertheless they can more easily show us what we wish our family to be, and therefore what , most frequently it is not.

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