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Friday, 18 February 2011

Closer to Realism

I have taken this next series of photographs in the mothers house. The baby had been sick on the bedclothes through the night and so the bed remains unmade.There are lots of bits and bobs on the floor of the bedroom that haven't been tidied away. The house was a small terrace house in Lincoln that faced directly onto the street.All the windows in the house had net curtains to add a bit of privacy.This obviously caused a few problems with lack of available light, especially as it was a very overcrowded day anyway. I used fill-in flash bounced off the ceiling to give as even and natural light as possible.
In this series of photographs I was trying to show the gulf between the baby and the mother.
This particular image shows the baby squeezed into the bottom corner of the photograph in its cot, the mother on the bed, facing away, untouching. Near yet far.
This series of photographs seems to have more impact due to the more realistic environment.

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  1. Great Hazel, have you found a number of people who are willing to allow you to photograph now then? Well done.