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Friday, 18 February 2011

The Family Connection

Introducing the element of the father changes the dinamics of the set-up . Mum and  Dad and the new baby. It should be a scene of unity and bonding, the happy family photograph, but the body language shows a diffferent story. The dad  envelopes the baby in his arms in a warm embrace, unconciously making body cotact with as much of his body as he can. He engages the baby with his gaze as he lovingly feeds him. Themother on the other hand turns away.disinterested.She is not part of this scene, this feeling of togetherness.
I do think these photographs taken in this normal domestic setting would make it easier for women to relate them. They have agreater impact than those taken in the studio due to the fact that they are less sensational. It could be anyones home and circumstances.

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