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Monday, 4 October 2010

An awakening of the senses

We have been asked to get out of our comfort zone for our first project so we have no comfort blanket to hide under. I have always felt most at ease photographing inanimate objects.Being able to take your time and compose the image has always appealed. Strong moody B &W architectural shots with abstract overtones , using mainly available light. I have therefore decided to move away from this as much as possible . I will do as much as  can in the extreme  opposite. The initial plan is to shoot dance moves in a studio situation using colour, capturing the movement .

 At present I  see this developing as a personal journey of discovery. I envisage  that it will probably take me on a long and winding road.

Here I am embarking on a massive learning curve as a  mature student. There is high excitement at the prospect of starting but also a feeling of panic about knowing where to begin .There are so many different threads of learning that I will have to master before I can even start to work on a project.Where to start?

Lois Greenfield

I came across the extremely stunning photographs of Lois Greenfield. This cocoon type photograph in particular resonated with my feelings of restarting, new beginning , rebirth .

'Lament' -Martha Graham by Barbara Morgan

Arthur Fink
I adore the movement in this shot.The fact that it looks so organic

Claire Davidson

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  1. I love this last image. It's similar to an idea I was thinking about working on. Motion tracking the dancers movements, then removing the dancer from the scene all together. You end up with just a collection of lines depicting the natural movement.

    Good find.