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Tuesday, 12 October 2010

The Relationship of Colour

                                                                          Zafer Baren    

Colour is going to be important in the development of this project. I 'd like to use colour to help to convey the various stages and emotions .

                                   'Colours are the mother tongue of the subconscious'
                                                                                               Carl Gustav Jung

Jung looked into the different characterisations of people and divided these into four colours- RED , YELLOW, BLUE and GREEN. He believed that we all fell into two categories of either introvert or extrovert but that everyone should have all four colours in their make-up.If one or more colours were missing he described the person as flawed.

We use colour in our language on a regular basis to describe feelings and emotions.People are said to be 'green with envy',' in the pink','seeing red','true blue','white as a ghost','yellow bellied'.Colour and emotions are so closely related that we use these terms as descriptions for concepts and feelings that go beyond words and language.
Steven Bleicher- Contemporary Colour ,Theory and Use

There is obviously a huge amount of information that can be looked at in this area and I will come back to it.

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